mPOS 21 allows in person chip and pin credit card transactions


So many more ways to pay!


Introducing mPos21, Marimune´s new Mobile Point of Sale Device.


mPos21 allows businesses to maximize their sales by accepting credit cards on the go. With society becoming increasingly cash-less, this new device allows your business to adapt to the trend without losing out on valuable profit.

mPos21 was created to support businesses that operate their sales through multiple sales assistants travelling to different locations to meet their potential customers. Traditionally, these businesses have operated on a Cash-only basis.

mPos21 consists of a small device that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Connected via an app available for Android and iOS, mPos21 allows sales assistants to accept Visa and MasterCard Chip and Pin card present transactions mPos21 operates under the highest security thresholds by forcing customers to enter their PIN into the mPos21 device. Compliant with the highest industry security standards, mPos21 gives ultimate security to you and your customers.

For sales assistants, the device is easy to use. It is designed to be user friendly and secure. Via the app, sales assistants can not only view all their transaction history, but can also create a catalogue of sales items to make input of articles faster and create a more comfortable sales environment for both them and the customer.

For the larger management of the company, mPos21 allows you to control the transactions of all your mobile points of sales, which was previously impossible through the use of cash. Online reporting via the web portal shows detailed transaction reports and allows merchants or all size to manage their transactions, refunds and chargebacks. The online portal also gives information on settlement and banking. 

 Bluetooth point of sale devices

Bluetooth point of sale devices