Marimune enables high volume internet businesses achieve.......


So many ways to pay!


Corporate Payments  - Prepaid can be used by businesses to facilitate a range of payments, cutting costs for the company and providing new incentives and payment ease for the card holder.

Expenses, incentive and reward, Petty Cash, Payouts, procurement and payroll can all be managed within an audible infrastructure that can be reconciled quickly and easily.

Payroll -  Employers often find prepaid cards a flexible and cost efficient method of managing payments to workers within their organisation. Cards can be co-branded and personalised with the employer and cards can be loaded instead of making salary or residual payments by wire, cash or cheque. We have found this method extremely popular by multi-layer sales organisations that have complex global work forces.

Gift cards - are single load instant issue cards that are often distributed in a retail environment. The cards are often co-branded by the retailer and available in a variety of load values.

Funds transfer - Marimune's flexible system allows two cards issued in different countries to be linked so that funds can be accessed from a single eWallet. This can be used very effectively for remitting money around the world to family, friends and loved ones by migrant workers.


eWallet accounts - allow customers to manage their money online and enables them to transact with mutual account holders and merchants within the same internet based system.

Fast, secure and simple - Marimune enables merchants to set up closed and open loop eWallet payment solutions that allow transactions to occur quickly and securely. 

Merchants can make payments to worker's eWallets and then in-return accept payments for goods and services within their network. eWallet holders can load their account via credit card or bank transfers and then use the funds to purchase goods and services or to send funds to other eWallet holders.


Credit Cards/ Merchant accounts

Online Payments - Payments on the internet are still driven and fuelled by the ease of using credit cards for online purchases. New online payment methods are constantly emerging but the growth of credit and debit card sales still outperforms all other methods.

Marimune works with a number of global acquirers and offers competitive rates and superior fraud management services in a wide range of currencies.

Bank Transfers/ Alternative payments

Bank account - A complete online payment solution is never finished until local payment methods are offered to customers. Bank account transfers or local bank-to-bank methods are unique to each country and region across the globe.

Marimune has a wide network of online local and retail payment methods that compliment and complete the prepaid and eWallet solutions that merchants desire.

If you are looking for your customers in Europe or Asia to be able to pay for items in local currencies using local bank transfers or solutions, we can assist in identifying what is needed and provide you with the tailored solutions.