Back Office Reporting


The Marimune Bank Management Suite (BMS) provides financial institutions, customer service and programme administrators with a comprehensive online suite of functions and reports. You can easily navigate through information to service any cardholder query or request.

Bank Management Suite (BMS)

The platform boasts real-time reporting capability, detailing all aspects of a prepaid card programme including:

  • Real-time updates on loading
  • E-wallet functionality
  • Transactional data
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Cardholder fees

The access to real-time data is particularly beneficial for reconciliation and settlement purposes. Marimune ensures a full audit trail of every transaction cardholders carry out on a card.

Marimune Clients and Corporate cardholders are provided with an E-wallet which provides simplicity and security to funds management. The administrative portal has detailed E-wallet reporting providing full transparency for all transactions.

Our multilingual call centre representatives can load cards, replace cards, process transaction disputes or process online applications all from an intuitive user-friendly interface.

The Fraud and Risk teams monitor activity and transactional velocity and ensure that any required action is taken quickly.

The profile based system ensures that users only have access to the items they need, with every action taken logged and date stamped for audit purposes and a note placed on the account for future reference. Management can view all user activity for security and performance monitoring purposes.

The Card Program administration portal provides complex and detailed information in a simple and useable format.

Merchant Management Suite (MMS)

For groups and organisations that are administrating a card programme MMS gives you the flexibility, control and reporting to issue and load cards.

Cardholder Portal

The Marimune Card Holder Portal allows card holders to view and monitor their balances and transactions online on their mobile or using our native iOS or Android Apps.



cardholders currently enjoy the ability to manage their card using our proprietary SMS functionality.

The emergence of smartphones has led to a gradual convergence of the mobile and payments sectors. Marimune see this as an opportunity to harness our card and payments expertise, with emerging mobile technologies, to deliver new and exciting products to complement our current offering.

Marimune have free Android and iPhone apps available to the public.

Our second generation iPhone and Android Apps allows users to:

  • Manage their card using their mobile device
  • Generate virtual cards for secure spending online
  • Share money with other iPhone customers, creating a virtual card simultaneously
  • View transactions
  • Find a cash top-up location
  • Our commitment to innovation and harnessing new technologies means Marimune are well positioned to meet the demands of our clients and cardholders in the coming years.